The first gardening portal that meets your interests


To make the browsing experience even more personal and engaging and to meet the needs of its readers, GardenTV has still invested in innovation, and is now the first gardening portal equipped with an algorithm capable of "recognizing interests" and propose ad hoc content.
Like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook
The GardenTV algorithm will allow personalized navigation of the site, suggesting news, videos and content to the visitor in line with his interests. At the same time on the home page you can always find current news, to stay updated on everything related to the world of gardening.
If the user is interested in machines for landscaping, the algorithm will show the contents of that category first.
As for the sponsors, there are no changes in visibility, which is indeed always guaranteed thanks to another unique feature of GardenTV: the random positioning of banners and promotional content on the home page.

Manufactures and stores

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