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The Nursery Campus of Pistoia hosted February 13 the General Assembly of MADE4DIY (Italian Association of Manufacturers DIY and Gardening); the meeting which brought together all the companies in the group also saw the re-election of the offices of the new Executive Board of the Consortium.
The new MADE4DIY Executive Council will be in office for the next three years will consist of Michael Zucca (company FAB) which was reconfirmed as Chairman; Marco Orlandelli (CEO Organization Orlandelli) elected as Vice President.
The roles of counselors will be covered by Davide Broccoli Vetrotec); Roberto Gradari (Gollinucci); Luigi Mancuso (company DAB Pumps) and Simon Zinelli (Comferut).
"I thank all the companies in the consortium and all members of the previous Board of Directors for their outstanding work - said President pumpkin. To them, and to all colleagues is a thank you for the trust and commitment in the draft MADE4DIY; excellent results have been achieved so far and everything about it is also a very accurate management conducted over the past three years (2013 - 2016) by the General Manager of MADE4DIY Ivan Bartolucci. MADE4DIY continue following the guidelines of the continuous development of synergies between the companies of the DIY sector, and increasingly expanding the network of contacts in key European markets. "
For a day of great importance it could not miss an equally important context; The day was held at the company headquarters in fact Vannucci Plants firm that represents the major European player in the field of gardening and nursery.
Innovation is a new strategy of cooperation with our customers and suppliers, a new dialogue with the people, new agreements reached with major Italian and European universities, continuing reports of work placements with young students and researchers. Search of "ideas" and "capacity" that can change, even radically our way of thinking, especially in technological and computer terms.
The meeting was organized within the area of the wonderful Nursery Campus, the first park created by the European Vannucci Plants nursery. An area unique in its genre that best expresses the concept of innovation that the company carries; the campus is aimed at the cooperation of professionals and new generations with the aim of encouraging the development new ideas, projects and new methodologies and to give a worldwide importance to the whole nursery Pistoia.


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