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Giambo plants Vito Giambò - Company floriculture
Giambo piante di Vito Giambò



Giambo piante di Vito Giambò

The Company Giambò Plants represents an important reality in the nursery Sicilian sector. The holder Vito Giambò, grew up around a solid family group, arrived at the third generation, has been able to combine entrepreneurial skills with the enthusiasm and the love for plants adapt corporate policies to the new needs of the market, in order to achieve year after year constant improvement in product selection. The choice in the '80s to focus all my energy on the production of ornamental citrus in pots was winning, leading the company to export the product in the European market, thanks to the acquisition of MPS-GAP certificate (culture Environmental Program ornamental), which guarantees respect for ethical principles and safety of workers and the workplace, with constant investment in production technologies with reduced environmental impact. The company covers an area of 130,000 square meters, on the northern coast of Sicily. With a staff of 30 employees and technicians, cultivates its citrus adopting the technique of soilless culture and along with a computerized fertigation program is able to optimize in real time the amount of fertilizer depending on weather conditions. Visiting the greenhouses of Giambò plants will quickly realize that the care and the love used to grow these products will bring the visitor to imagine them not as common seasonal blooms, but as a plant to care for, to love, to make them more durable. The cornerstones on which hinges the whole policy of Vito Giambò are constant staff training and continuous investment for production technologies. This ensured the company to prestigious collaborations with the Institutes Agrarians Siciliani, who conferred with D.D.S. n.1681 of 11/05/2011 Sicilian Regional Department of Education and Professional Training, the qualification of first company nursery Sicilian as the Vocational Training Authority.

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Giambo piante di Vito Giambò

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