Drawing work in green: the award ceremony Children


They were on display for several weeks, because visitors could admire the garden center and cast their vote, and now among the 220 designs submitted for the competition organized by Giardango with Tienimidocchio will be named the winners: for Monday, May 23 was the day of the final party with the delivery to all participants of a certificate and an aromatic plant.The idea of the competition was born in the summer of 2015 with the intention, said the organizers, to make a contribution to raising awareness of the nature of children from neighboring schools to Giardango, making them play with colored pencils to represent imaginary scenes work into the green".Massive response of younger pupils. "The 220 drawings delivered to Giardango showed respect for the gift of the plant world. Also this competition was not seen as a task to be performed out of duty, or as a race that everyone has tried to win with competitive spirit. It has been interpreted as an exciting game that allowed everyone to interpret the green world of herbs, plants and animals "."


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