Giardini Frigerio di Simona Simona



Giardini Frigerio di Simona Simona

Simona Frigerio, Milan, after completing his classical studies at the Carducci High School attended the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milan where he graduated with honors in 1995. Master's degree in landscape design at the Faculty of Agriculture of Milan. Practice the profession in the design of the gardens in Gorizia and Milan, operating mainly in Northern Italy.

The design of green allows me to create new gardens they become to other corners of paradise as it has been for me my grandfather's garden, places of rest and meditation for some, places of meetings with friends and children's games for other , serene spaces to regenerate for all.

The aesthetics of a garden is based on different elements, shapes and volumes of the plants with their play of solids and voids, the correct combination of colors and textures of the leaves, the sculptural accessories and furniture, the lights, but at the base there is the choice of plants adapted to the place, the only ones able to guarantee the durability and the lushness of the garden itself. For this reason seeking the plants most suitable to each garden not according to the prevailing fashion but rather to the climate and the type of soil of the site in question and, if possible, choose among the native species, especially with regard to trees and shrubs.

Great importance is also of the attention to the changing seasons that must be perceived in the garden as well as a gift at any time of reasons of interest through flowers, fruits, textures and colors.

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Giardini Frigerio di Simona Simona
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