In Veneto, the feast of the garden with Giardinity""


The frame will be to Villa Pisani in Vescovana (Padua and Rovigo). Here he will stage Giardinity", a garden show dedicated to all those who love gardening, or play professionally.The organizers explained that it is "an event dedicated to the passion for gardening: more than a trade show, a celebration of the garden." Giardinity arises from a previous event "The bulbs Evelina Pisani", enriched by international speakers and exhibitors.There will be space for stands of prominent representatives of the Italian nursery, but also for children. "Among the foreigners - says the presentation of the initiative - great news for our country, the Polish Piotr Kleszczynsky hybridizer, which produces the world's finest Streptocarpus (small plants with multicolored blooms, flowering in autumn and winter, perfect Home), presented for the first time in Italy and exclusive to Giardinity ".In addition to plants, space to the design and garden furniture, crafts of excellence and also activities for children.Giardinity will open Saturday 24 and Sunday, October 25, from 9 to 19."


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