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Gitto Hobby Garden di Luigi La Spada

Gitto Hobby Garden was founded in 1999 from the need of the owner, already operating in the horticultural industry for years, to offer its customers a complete service, designed to meet all of its demands. The experience gained over the years and love for plants placed in customer service. This was the initial goal of the company, which still is committed to continue with extreme seriousness and professionalism. The constant research and the experience of those who have always worked with plants lead us to select the best products available on the market, so much so that it has become a point of reference for those working in the sector. Our ongoing commitment and attention to new trends have led us, in recent years, to lean in the vast garden furniture world, espousing the idea of rediscovering the value of living in the middle of nature, making the habitable its open spaces.
Since 1999

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Gitto Hobby Garden di Luigi La Spada
Via Luigi Fulci 107, Milazzo (ME)

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