Global DIY 2021


Our event’s motto is The New Normal: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World. Our world is changing at an accelerating pace. In fact, we can say that disruption is now the new normal. In this business landscape, if companies want to at least survive or even thrive in the present or in the near future, they will need leaders in this world of disruption.

The reality is that business is becoming ever more complex at a greater speed, yet not many leaders feel that their organisations are adjusting or preparing fast enough to handle the next level of change and complexity.

The impact of this disruption is that uncertainty rules. Millennials are the least brand-loyal generation ever, and they have a disposable mindset, but they still drive the economy. Everyone is fighting over the last mile, and technology breakthroughs now happen every three to six months – whereas it used to be once every five or six years.

As a result, it’s difficult to know what’s ahead, what tools you’ll need, what partners make sense, where you’ll need any of them, or how you’ll navigate all this complexity. What’s next? What’s your New Normal?


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