Glyphosate, renewed authorization for 18 months


At the end of the renewal it has arrived, and is 18 months. A rather short period than for example hoped Agrofarma, which still takes note of a decision that will allow users to continue to enjoy a safe and indispensable technical means."Nazionle explain the association of crop protection companies (which is part of Federchimica): "We understand that there are still serious concerns among the public but Agrofarma reiterates that the evidence in support of the renewal are clear and irrefutable, and supported by the authorities regulators around the world, and not only European. the extension of 18 months the authorization, is the result, therefore, a logical compromise between political will, scientific and economic needs evidence, and it is important that this is clear to avoid the risk of weakening the authority of the European science system of authorization and control of all agricultural chemicals

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