Glyphosate, not renewed authorization. Agrofarma: damage to the entire system""


No problem, so no reason not to renew the authorization: Agrofarma comments on the news of the new non-decision by the Appeals Board regarding the renewal of authorization for the use of glyphosate and about its danger to health human. There is no scientific evidence - say by the national agricultural chemicals business, which is part of Federchimica - justifying the reduction of the period of authorization than the ordinary 15 years".The topic is of great prominence in recent times, especially since by the public there is great concern about the damage to health by the glyphosate. However, explanatory Agrofarma: "Glyphosate, on the basis of the broad spectrum of studies currently available, including those on which it based the judgment of probable carcinogenicity of IARC, was rated" probably not carcinogenic "by EFSA, the 'unique scientific body specifically appointed to this task by the European authorities and member states.Even FAO and WHO (including the IARC is part), after a meeting of May 16, Panel of Experts on Pesticide Residues in Food and the Environment, have jointly expressed for unlikely carcinogenicity of the substance. Glyphosate is an indispensable tool for agriculture that is sustainable in all three of its meanings (economic, social and environmental), as confirmed also by the Association of Copa-Cogeca European farmers ".It is hoped, therefore, that we can reach a decision within the terms of the authorization expires: "The non-renewal severely weaken the authority of the scientific system of authorization and control of all agricultural chemicals


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