Glyphosate: according to Europe is not a carcinogen


Glyphosate is not among the carcinogenic substances: thus established the ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency. The story of the herbicide, at the center of important disputes, is thus enriched by a new chapter. of course there have been comments in support and against the agency's decision.
Reads the document published on the ECHA website: "The committee concluded that the scientific evidence currently available does not meet the criteria to classify glyphosate as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction".
It is a debate, what about the dangers of glyphosate, which involves the whole of Europe. In Italy, Agrofarma expressed satisfaction at the news of the decision of ECHA, waiting for that of the European Commission: "These findings make it possible to recognize and value of scientific evidence Agrofarma already incurred, since the crop protection product in 2016 was He said "probably not carcinogenic" already by EFSA, the scientific body specifically appointed to this task by the European authorities and member states. Even FAO and WHO have jointly expressed by the improbable carcinogenicity of the substance. The tests and assessments of crop protection products are conducted by scientific institutions appointed to this task by national and European authorities to guarantee the health of citizens and the environment, and according to methods which are scientifically validated criteria and defined by law. If it emerges from this evaluation a positive result, as in the case of glyphosate, the product is to be held without a definitive way for the uses according to the instructions of use given in the authorized labels. "
An entirely different view instead rather different associations and organizations that ask Europe to ban the use of herbicides based on glyphosate, promoting alternative methods of weed. Among these is Greenpeace in a statement commented on the decision of ECHA: "His assessment could now pave the way to extend for 15 years the authorization to use an EU of this herbicide, classified as' probably carcinogenic to humans' international Agency for research on cancer. " It also continues the campaign (which was signed by forty Italian associations) who promoted a petition.

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