Glyphosate: what's happening in Europe


The decision was, in the end, only postponed until 6 November: there is no agreement among EU member states on the renewal of the glyphosate authorization. Meanwhile, the European Parliament called for a stop by 2022.
Prohibit domestic and agricultural use immediately, until a total "bail" by 2022: these are the demands of the European Parliament in a resolution (non-binding) that was approved on Tuesday 24 October. The proposal gained a favorable vote of 335 MEPs (204 opposing and 111 abstentions). The resolution is clearly in disagreement with the EU commission which has asked instead for the glyphosate to renew the license for another 10 years. License expiring in December 2017.
On this point, the renewal of the authorization was called upon to express the EU member states meeting in the Committee on Food, Feed and Plants. But the deal was not found. The vote was postponed and a forthcoming meeting is scheduled for 6 November.


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