The graduates are turning to green jobs


Which sectors pointing young graduates in Italy? According to Maria Pirrone, president of the Young Entrepreneurs Agricultural CIA (Italian Farmers Confederation), in recent years has grown considerably the number of children who, after graduation, he decided to invest in rural areas to give birth to innovative activities. It is not just graduate in Agricultural Sciences, but also of professionals in various disciplines: educators and psychologists who are dedicated to agriculture social, herbalists and pharmacists who bet on herbal medicine and architects who deal with green building. A report of the trade association of farmers showed that in the last three years have been at least five activities that made use of this type of professions, giving a contribution of around 200 million euro a year to the total budget of the agricultural system and food. Space, therefore, farmers and chefs of edible flowers, landscape architects, designers who work with agricultural fibers, agricatering" products with zero km and more. According Raffaele Maiorano, president of the Association of Young Confagricoltura, the guys are focusing on the agricultural sector because it is among the few who is holding the crisis. Maiorano links this phenomenon to the increase in enrollments at technical institutes and university faculties in agriculture. From what he says, led to the decision to sign a memorandum of understanding with the National Network of Agricultural Schools (Renisa) to bind specifically the education of students with the world of work, promoting self-employment.(Frrom www.labmagazine.it)"


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