Dante Brignoli Granulati s.r.l.



Dante Brignoli Granulati s.r.l.

Brignoli Granulati produces and distributes a wide range of granulates, pebbles and marble powders, offering national and international customers the possibility of using single and / or mixed products for grain size and coloring.

Over time, the company has mainly specialized in three areas: street furniture; construction and prefabricated buildings; the garden and outdoor design. 

Our cities are constantly expanding; for this reason, Brignoli Granulati offers high quality products also suitable for the urban design of both public and private areas.

In the "Urban Furniture" section of our website you can find inspiration for alternative ideas and the development of functional and aesthetically appealing solutions. Thanks to their simplicity and ductility, Brignoli Granulati's products guarantee multiple fields of application.

If you work in the field of street furniture and are interested in both the safety and aesthetics of your territory, our CE marked LEDROSTEEL BOX® and LEDROSTEEL ECOBOX® are right for you: thanks to the different characteristics, including eco-sustainability, they can be used for different uses from structural to architectural works.
If, on the other hand, you are interested in the decoration of public and private spaces, thanks to our wide range of natural stones available in various sizes you can develop magnificent decoration projects, giving elegance and refinement to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Constant urban development is one of the factors that keeps the construction sector always in motion. Brignoli Granulated natural stones are also a fundamental element for industry and prefabrication thanks to their adaptable versatility.

Depending on the type of natural stone processing, the product can be applied in different ways. The marble granules and pebbles can be used for the production of particular and colored prefabricated elements with pure or mixed shades. Moreover, they can be used for the creation of original mosaics or flooring as well as design furniture with the help of GJM STEELBOX cages, and decorative or resin-coated stones. Furthermore, Brignoli Granulati has invested in research and development, accumulating particular experience in the production of washed and dried materials suitable for resin flooring.

The "eco-friendly" trends that are growing around the world have also affected Italy. Pebbles and marble grains are natural stones that create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in every terrace and garden.
In the "Garden & Hatchery" section of our site you will find inspiration for every type of hatchery decoration project. Our marble granules and pebbles can be used to create innovative natural pools, define paths or walkways, making them unique thanks to the application of mosaics of different colors.

Furthermore, suitable for outdoor decoration, Brignoli Granulati offers two product lines BRIGREEN and BRICORTEN.

BRIGREEN, our synthetic grass, is particularly suitable for parks, swimming pools, terraces and for those who own animals. It is not just for outdoor: inside you can create decorative "green" corners that increase the sense of relaxation.

BRICORTEN is our corten steel border with high resistance, useful for dividing various areas of gardens and outdoor spaces in an orderly and geometric way. It allows you to delimit flower beds and draw shapes and then fill them with different materials.

The research and development of innovations that pushes all the energies and expertise of the Company are in fact the result of the work and active collaboration of the internal team. All of these efforts are realized at the level of methods and procedures that raise the quality standard, reserving the utmost importance of the service. These services take shape in:

- Accurate search of raw materials;
- Use of adequate technological systems;
- Advice for use;
- Storage of materials;
- Compliance with delivery times;
- Care in packaging and special loads;
- Technical solutions for all supplies required in sectors that are increasingly attentive to both the technical and aesthetic aspects.

The type of our products allows us to enter, with different blends and colors, in different fields of use, such as: zootechnical; artistic; plastic; building; urban and floral-nursery.

For more information, please also visit the pages of our website: www.brignoligranulati.it



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