Grape harvest 2014: never so bad since 1950


There are no more “between seasons”. Never before in the past, wine associations have become aware of the truth of this old saying. Rain and cold have heavily influenced the grape harvest in 2014 and according to estimates published by Coldiretti should collect a little more than 40 million hectoliters, almost ten less than the 49.6 collected in 2013. A blow to the made in Italy because, if the estimates are confirmed, Italy will also lose the primacy of European largest producer of wine at the expense of much-hated cousins on the other side of the Alps. The French await a production of just over 47 millions hectoliters . And if it is true that bad news travels hand in hand, even for the wine consumer the months ahead appears to be difficult. Also as widespread by Coldiretti, an increase in rates will be quite sure, although there is still the possibility that it may be absorbed by the chain of production and therefore has no impact on the wallet of the consumers. The risk is that rising prices could impact on consumption, unfortunately, already in decline if you consider that over the last 50 years the average liters consumed per capita has almost halved. From 70 liters of wine it's down to 36, and the media continues to descend at a rate of 1% per year. A loss for all short, given that the wine industry generates a turnover of 9 billion a year in Italy.


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