The Great Italian Gardens for Energy Savings


Not only green but also environmentally friendly and with the greatest possible energy savings: thanks to a partnership with Alpiq in the large Italian gardens, electric mobility and innovative solutions to reduce energy waste are coming.
"By better management of the energy plan," says Judith Wade, C.E.O. Great Italian Gardens S.r.l. - Private and public owners of mansions, villas, castles and botanical greenhouses can save on energy costs and thus lengthen the tourist season. Thanks to Alpiq we could supply refueling stations for cars and bicycles in 130 Great Italian Gardens in 13 regions, promoting a more environmentally friendly tourism. "
Alpiq's offer includes the combination of a wide range of electrical and energy efficiency products and solutions, selected on the basis of the results of housing inspections that will be carried out in the coming months by specialized technicians.
"Through thermographic and sonic surveys," said Fabio Vecchio, Managing Director of Alpiq InTec Italia S.p.A. - we can propose non-invasive technologies that have the advantage of keeping the formal and functional character of the dwelling intact. Today, solutions are available from the casing (insulators, plaster, glass, etc.) to the plant parts (LED lamps, biomass boilers, etc.) which, if adopted, can not only guarantee significant savings in bill, but also expand the opening period of the dwellings, now mostly closed in October-March, considered the most energetically expensive. The solutions we will try to make will define the meeting point between "sustainability" and "conservation" to combine energy efficiency and protection of bounded historical buildings. "
The "full-service" mobility offer, however, will consist primarily of systems to be installed at the entrances to house two-and four-wheel electric vehicles, and an innovative technology platform that is ready to integrate into a single mobile app "Future services such as online payment of the entrance ticket in the gardens. The proposed solutions will be able to favor eco-sustainable tourism in Italy with a virtuous "green" path in thirteen Italian regions.
With Alpiq's "easy4you" mobile app, downloadable on the App Store and Google Play, the columns will be visible on all mobility maps and charging and payment via smartphones. Every installed column will then guarantee "roaming," exactly as it happens for mobile telephony. Columns will be accessible to everyone, regardless of vehicles and contracts with mobility providers. All this thanks to Alpiq's interoperability agreements, which will allow charging systems to be connected to an international network currently comprised of 55,000 columns in Europe managed by over 280 e-mobility providers.


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