Great Italian gardens, the network expands


It widens the net of the Great Italian gardens, with the entry of 8 new gardens that become part of the network of the most beautiful gardens in Italy that promotes the culture tourism and green with more than 700 events and 8 million visitors to ' year.The newcomers" in 2016 are the Nocivelli Park (Verolanuova, BS), Villa Badia (Sezzadio, AL), Villa Grock (Imperia) Palazzo Colonna (Rome), Fondazione La Verde La Malfa - Art Park (St. John La Punta, CT), House Cuseni (Taormina, ME), Villa Tasca d'Almerita (Palermo) and Regaleali Estate (Sclafani Bagni, PA)."It is - explanatory Great Italian gardens - a remarkable achievement for the entire industry dell'Horticultural Tourism. A new tourist trend that is recognized as a source of value, taking shape as a stimulus for the growth of the Italian economy , full of extraordinary gardens can be visited only in the world ".120 are now the gardens visited in 12 Italian regions: Great Italian Gardens is thus a protagonist of that cultural tourism that is growing exponentially today and represents a new form of slow tourism that offers better reception and more services through the promotion of historic gardens and contemporary through belonging to the network and the gradual modernization in terms of tourist accommodation. In 99% of the properties, in addition to the garden you can visit palaces, historic villas and art collections. In 40% of the members of the network gardens it is also possible to stay overnight and in 80% they organize meetings, conferences and weddings. Just under half of the Great Italian Gardens (about 40%) has a teaching program and offers workshops for children and students.In 2015, the network has registered about 8 million visitors: as very positive, to which contributed the promotional power of Expo 2015, and the entry in the networks of the two gardens of the Vatican State: Castel Gandolfo and Vatican Gardens. The increase of around 30% in the number of visitors compared to 2014 is due also to the growing number of created events and products in the network, more than 700 120 a year in the gardens belonging to the network."Cultural tourism and horticultural tourism (or Green Tourism) have also fueled a virtuous economic cycle within the network. More and more, in fact, are the Great Italian Gardens that reinvest their profits in the property, acquiring services catering and accommodation, marketing and communication. Where visited the gardens are not equipped with this infrastructure, benefiting the tourist accommodations are located in the immediate vicinity. In this way, the network has also recorded a significant increase of employees, which grows proportionally than the increase of visits recorded and restructuring and accessibility works operated by the gardens belonging to the network. ""

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