Green Ambassador: the course in September


The start of the innovative "Ambassador of green" training course, organized by the Minoprio Foundation, was postponed to September.
The "Ambassador of the Green" training course is aimed at forming an innovative figure capable of combining dissemination and animation for the tourist promotion of the cultural, artistic and botanical heritage of our territories.
Multidisciplinary skills from different sectors: cultural, tourism and agriculture for a completely innovative proposal.
The route enhances the cultural, artistic and botanical heritage of historic gardens, botanical gardens, oases and natural reserves of the Lombard territory. The proposed activities aim to provide students with new skills, useful for identifying and transmitting the multiple potentialities of places of tourist interest and for accompanying visitors on an "unconventional" journey, entertaining them and at the same time providing them with 360-degree information on history, culture, art and botanical heritage, both in Italian and in English. All supported by the new digital technologies available.
The originality of the path makes the outgoing person very interesting, an alternative to traditional escorts, a successful element for a future job placement.
The course is aimed at people aged between 16 and 29, holding a diploma or a three-year professional qualification obtained before February 26, 2019. The recipients must be resident or domiciled in Lombardy (the domicile can be acquired with the overnight at the boarding school of Fondazione Minoprio).
The duration of the course is 550 hours of which 350 in the classroom / laboratory activities (to acquire the ability to manage groups, to understand the heritage and the plus-value of historical-cultural settings, through communication techniques and other specifications, preparatory to the practical activities) and 200 hours of curricular internship within structures of excellence from the historical and environmental point of view belonging to FAI, Grandi Giardini Italiani, Rete Regis, various superintendencies. The course will end at the end of September 2020. The scheduled attendance is 3 days per week full time.

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