Green bonus approved in the Budget law


36% deduction for green space works, also in condominiums, with a spending limit of 5 thousand euro referring to a single dwelling: the Green Bonus officially entered the 2018 Budget Law.
Great satisfaction of the actors who have worked in recent years on this provision, which intends to support and re-launch the green sector. In particular, Nada Forbici, president of Assofloro Lombardia, member of the National Coordination for the Floriculture and Landscape Supply Chain (CNFFP) and consultant to the president of the 6th Permanent Commission for Finance, commented: "A sensitization work that has led policy to a new vision on the world of greenery and brought the sector of floriculture, united and cohesive, to the center of attention as it had never been before. Finally it was understood that green is not only embellishment and decoration, but can be a factor of economic growth as well as a decisive element of environmental improvement.
The law provides for a tax deduction equal to 36% of the expenditure incurred by individuals for the green. The "bonus" concerns the care, renovation of the green of the terraces, gardens, roofs and hanging gardens. The benefits of a bonus like this, which has already been defined as Green Bonus, will have broad and transversal positive repercussions: improving the quality of urban life, the air we breathe, our health. In addition to the economic benefit linked to the increase in demand and the emergence of the undeclared, for companies operating in the horticultural sector.
The award recognizes the effort also of the Associations, Districts and Consortiums of the sector throughout Italy who have made the "system" by organizing meetings, tables and conferences to raise awareness throughout Italy. Conferences attended by scientific personalities, university professors, researchers, professionals in the sector and not, who have believed in this goal from the beginning.
"We feel the duty, adds Nada Forbici, to express special thanks to the minister for agricultural policies Maurizio Martina, to the environment minister Gian Luca Galletti and to Ermete Realacci, president of the environmental commission. Also thanks to them in the ecobonus is the redevelopment of the areas of private heritage. Without forgetting the work begun some years ago with Senator Susta, President Bernardo, Vice-President Fanucci and On Tentori ".
To underline the important commitment and support provided also by the Trade Union Organizations of Category, that have supported us in our "battle" in favor of a Law fundamental for the companies of the sector, but not only.


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