Green bonus extended for the whole of 2021


The Green Bonus has been extended until 31 December 2021, which provides for tax concessions for the greening of homes, introduced with the Budget Law.
The tax deduction of 36% for the interventions of care, renovation and irrigation of the tried green can therefore also be requested for the entire current year.
Nada Forbici, president of Assofloro comments: "Although there has been no room for improvement in terms of the percentage of deductions, an increase in deductible spending or to expand the interventions included, we believe that maintaining the Bonus, in a period of serious economic crisis, continues to be an important sign of confidence in a sector that until a few years ago was almost unknown to the institutions but which is now recognized as being important for the health of citizens, in the environmental improvement of cities, in contrasting changes climatic.
A facility, we will never tire of underlining it, which rewards professionalism in the care of greenery, which brings out undeclared work.
It should also be remembered that with the decree implementing the Climate law, 30 million euros were allocated (15 million euros for each year of the two-year period 2020 2021) for the creation of urban forests in metropolitan cities, the result of a long process that took into account of the programmatic lines of the European Green Deal and of the Urban Green Strategy.
This is also a great opportunity and recognition of the sector's strategic value for health, environment and climate ».


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