Green equipment: how do you know who buys?


"Gardening: do you inform yourself in the right way?". This is the question that, the first web tv of gardening, has turned to a wide audience of enthusiasts and professionals of the green to understand what are the most consulted sources and the most used tools by those seeking advice and information before the purchase of garden care equipment.
Analyzing the data collected what strikes the eye is that even for the green industry is now the web to be the master, whether it is to query the search engines or watch video reviews.
The survey was proposed through various online channels (YouTube, Facebook, Google) and offline by direct contact. Responding to this, in the period of one week, there were 487 people reflecting the "profile" of those who usually dedicate themselves to the work in the garden: males, aged between 35 and 60, who are professionally involved in maintenance and care green, or advanced hobbyists who own a garden and spend several hours a week.
The majority of respondents (42%) indicated the Internet as the first approach to finding information and opinions to get an idea about the type of equipment to be purchased and the technical specifications. As a second tool to inquire about a purchase for garden care, the video (39%) was indicated as an effective medium for acquiring information and reviews: here users appreciate the possibility of seeing the machines at work, perhaps tested by gardeners which indicate the main characteristics with respect to specific needs (professional or hobby).
By far the number of users who, thanks to the choice of their equipment, is advised by retailers and retailers (8%), while only 6% declare to consult and read specialized magazines in the sector.
Also interesting are the responses received under "Other", a 5% of users indicated to be informed by attending industry fairs or field tests, or by "word of mouth", asking in person to friends or colleagues who already own, or have had way of trying, the equipment they are interested in.

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