Green maintenance: an agenda in Turin (almost) real


Where, how and when the green maintenance interventions are carried out: the city of Turin has chosen to use its web portal to communicate updates on planned activities and performed.
The Green Agenda was already in use for controlled pruning and shrinking of the arboreal heritage, but for some days it has also been extended to the grass cutting plan and maintenance (in the future also of the play areas and dog areas).
"The service is experimental and does not yet include the play areas. In the future - said councilor Alberto Unia - it is planned to create an online map, to facilitate the identification of areas and consultation of interventions by users (currently, are available on the web portal summary tables in pdf format) " .
"It was a great job, certainly a complex one - declared the president Federico Mensio - which finally allows citizens, with a view to transparency and participation, to understand the extent of maintenance work on the green and to facilitate the management and planning of themselves. "

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