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Green Planet

The Company Green Planet Pescara for more than 10 years in the field of environmental management, offering a punctual, qualified and professional.

Depend on Green Planet Pescara offers you a chance to enjoy a wide technical expertise, and with the use of skilled workers, deals with the construction, renovation and maintenance of private and public green spaces; It is also available for specific interventions such as insecticide treatments, arboreal sanitation, maintenance of lawns, gardens and irrigation systems design.

Works in farmland as burglary, planting, pruning and disposal of waste vegetation green Planet for over 10 years is synonymous with professionalism for the design, construction and maintenance of private gardens, vertical garden, roof gardens and terraces. Guarantee a realization 'turnkey' high quality standards.

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Company headquarter
Green Planet
C. da De Contra 94 65010 Vicoli (PE)

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