Hanging gardens: a lesson on the roof


At the Kepler high school in Rome the roof is ... green. In fact, for about a year, a "green roof" project has been launched, a hanging garden where students can approach the care of plants and study their dynamics, and respect for the environment, directly at school.
The project was implemented by the green roof division of Harpo, which decided to invest in the training of children and on projects for educational and informational purposes.
Divided into groups, the students, after an initial phase during which they were planted species of certain success, have dedicated themselves to six species of Mediterranean flora to investigate agronomic, hydraulic and thermal characteristics thanks to the use of sensors that collect data every ten minutes. Every Monday, however, the boys control the flowering of each plant to evaluate its performance.
"Learning how to take care of our land - explains Maurizio Crasso, commercial director of the green roof division of Harpo - to train the citizens of the present and the future has always been a mission that binds our company to a double thread with the responsibility of instilling 'idea that the well-being and quality of our life itself depend on the relationship that each of us has with nature. This is why we have embraced the project, aware of the importance of transmitting scientific knowledge to new generations accustomed to interactivity ".
The large roof garden built on the roof of the school, whose technical substrate was made from the green hanging partition of Harpo, provides great environmental benefits and economic benefits: from the regulation of rainwater to insulation, through the sequestration of fine dust present in the atmosphere. Furthermore, it is an effective barrier against acoustic waves and electromagnetic radiation.
«The boys are enthusiastic - explains Roberto Casalini, the teacher who follows the project -. It is a job that certainly requires great passion and the students show they are in love. Their role is fundamental: they take care of detecting data, photographing and graphically interpreting plant cover, evaluating mortality and flowering of each species, but also communicating, through the blog, the Facebook page and the YouTube channel, the daily work and results obtained. An experimentation involves continuous problems that in turn must be resolved: here, I think this is the greatest teaching teaching that the project can provide to young people ».
The results of the first year of experimentation will be published immediately after March in order to summarize the activity and put the first conclusions of an interdisciplinary project in a position to involve students and teachers in respect of nature.


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