Green Spaces Expo in Verona the new hall of the nursery and landscape


A new wind B2B offering products, services and solutions to promote green culture, in both town and country. A new event that will be launched, for its first edition, in conjunction with Fieragricola, with the aim of creating synergies in the supply chain management of green and landscape. Green Spaces Expo" will appeal to a wide audience: designers, landscape architects, designers, architects, gardeners, nurserymen, engineers, agronomists, garden centers, companies of gardening, but also municipalities, real estate, hotel business private, and passionate.Green Spaces Expo (Build gardens, urban green and landscapes) will be held in Verona February 3 to 6 in 2016."Greenspacesexpo - explains the general director of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani - collects the industry need to assert its leadership in the high quality in the field of landscape and nursery industry, which in Italy involving over 100,000 people and covers an area that exceeds the 28 thousand hectares, if it widens the horizon to the nursery. The event involves only producers nurserymen, also agronomists, universities, landscape architects and green, gardeners and professionals, and is a candidate to revive an industry that is as a whole more than 2.5 billion euro (source: ISMEA, 2014, an aggregate, nurseries, flowers and plants). "The conjunction with Fieragricola places Green Spaces Expo in an exhibition across the primary sector, in which the nursery is a branch of agriculture. In some cases, for example, the nursery is one of the guidelines of agricultural enterprises. The event will feature several product areas in the nursery, landscape and gardening, to embrace professional applications, street furniture and lighting, equipment and professional hobby, sustainable mobility, products and components for the outdoor products and components for the protection of people, products for the cultivation of plants, products for garden decoration, services, institutions, publishing, computing, structures and components for cultivation, environmental protection, green ornamental green sports, public and private.Green production, the industry and academics, but also in charge of the green in the public service will be invited to participate.Greenspacesexpo will be located in Hall 3 of Veronafiere and is organized by the exhibition in collaboration with the company Lambo Maurizio Lapps, former president of the European Nursery Association (ENA), the European organization adhering to Copa-Cogeca, which represents 1,500 companies in 18 countries: Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria."Plants - says Lapps - they are not only ornamental, but also health and ecology and Italy, with 660 million Euros exported in the nursery, of which about 412 million in the segment of plants, stands out for its high quality of the product". The geography of the nursery in Italy underlines the strong commitment of the local soil and climate. The manufacturing districts in Italy are eight: Pistoia (European capital of nursery industry, with over 1,500 manufacturers surveyed), Albenga (herbs), Canneto (Mantova) (deciduous trees), Ascoli Piceno (Laurus nobilis and oleanders) , Lake Maggiore (rhododendrons, camellias, pieris), Saonara (Padua) (fruit plants ornamental use), Latin America (Mediterranean plants, privet, camellias, pitosporum) and Sicily (ornamental plants and citrus trees)."


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