Cultivate in space thanks to the Italian hi-tech greenhouse that studies of the future plants


The experiment at the start at the Enea Research Center of Portici. A hi-tech greenhouse to study the "under" stress behavior of plants indoors, even extreme as space: is the project inaugurated by Enea Research Center of Portici (Naples) with the ultimate goal of being able to be cultivated in environments devoid of the fundamental characteristics for growth. The light needed for photosynthesis is provided by an LED lighting system.

The hi-tech greenhouse manages to recreate a microcosm in the laboratory faithfully reproducing the underground and aerial environment of the plant. The tests, the scientists point out, will be useful for research in numerous fields such as plant parasitology, ecophysiology and land-based ecology.

The innovative LED lighting system allows you to provide the plants with light wavelengths selected instead of the entire solar spectrum. Researchers also are studying, even with the use of organic electronics (OLEDs), the effects of this type of environment on growth and on the nutritional quality of plants.

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