Grillo G Z1, ideal rotary tiller for orchard and garden


G Z1 is a compact rotary tiller, ideal for milling easily even where there is not much space. The cutter is 57 cm. At standstill, the cutter is free to turn, a real convenience. Grillo G Z1 is equipped with active engagement: the lever on the handlebar fact, when pressed, initiates rotation hoes. When the lever is released the hoes stop immediately but the engine keeps running. The 3 hp motor provides sufficient torque for the milling already at 2400 rpm. You can dig slowly, 80-90 revolutions per minute, or faster, up to 155 revolutions per minute, depending on the soil conditions and the desired degree of comminution. The handlebars, adjustable in height, will meet the needs of all users and will always find the right position for all the working depth. Furthermore, the lowest adjustment, it is useful to carry G Z1 on the transfer wheel of the front series. G Z1 can also be transported in the trunk of lowering the handlebar. Weight 35 kg.

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