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Grillo spa - Agricultural machinery and maintenance of green
Grillo spa



Grillo spa

Since 1953 under the name Officine Pinza, thanks to an innovative project of the then twenty Benito Caliper (founder), was born the first Grillo walking tractor, which will be named the company since 1957, which marks the beginning of a fascinating adventure in the world of agricultural mechanization. Grillo for over 50 years designing and manufacturing machines for professional agriculture, maintenance of green areas, the home garden and private vegetable garden. The Grillo machines are born from careful engineering studies applied to daily operation, with the aim of creating new technical solutions that help the man's work and make it more enjoyable. To design and produce Grillo makes use of an efficient technical staff of testers designers. Each new machine is tested for strength and practicality test, to accurate testing, and only after passing all the tests confirmed the production, according to the stringent European standards adopted by Grillo Quality System. Industrial production is done through the use of machines high tech tools (laser cutting, robotic machining, semi-automatic assembly lines), at four sites all in the hinterland of Cesena (Italy). Grillo produces over 20,000 machines per year in a range that includes over 50 different models, employing over 200 internal employees. Cricket is present with its products in 55 countries worldwide in 5 continents, with a network of sales and service network of over 1,000 dealers, more than 50 distributors and 3 commercial branches. The production, the training of technical sales staff, the management of spare parts and after-sales service are cared for and controlled directly from Cesena headquarters even when they are managed by subsidiaries or importers in various countries of the world.

You can find us

Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Grillo spa
Via Cervese 1701, Cesena (FC)

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