Grin vs mulching


This video explains why the cutting system Grin "Cut, do not collect, do not go to landfill" should not be confused with the traditional mulching. Both systems are based on cutting without collection, but born to different needs. Among the main differences between the two systems is for example that relating to the height and the cutoff frequency: with Grin is possible to maintain heights and the cutoff frequencies of a machine with collection, while with a traditional mulching, to have the same result, you have to cut the grass more than once a week, in periods of strong growth, and only when it is very low. As it regards instead the Grin grass pulverization, in usual cutting conditions, working the grass in very fine fragments, which are deposited on the ground, facilitating the absorption in the form of fertilizer. Cutting traditional Mulching in usual cutting conditions, however, leaves of grass into small pieces on the lawn surface absorption making it difficult from the ground and threatening to choke the turf. Finally it is possible with Grin cutting with wet grass with performance often superior to those of a machine with collection. By cutting Mulching Traditional, the size of the cap make complex and difficult to cut with wet grass.


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