Grin lawn mower: the model PM53


Grin PM53 lawn mower is most used professional machine. This video is tested in three very different situations: rustic lawn, wild meadow, lawn. Built on the tried and tested chassis Grin, it mounts the powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 850 Series 6 hp with device Ready start that makes the starting easier. The drive unit 2-speed professional, in boxed aluminum tin oil bath, reliable and powerful and allows you to adjust the speed depending on the condition of the lawn. The innovative conception of traction, supported by the "suspended axles Grin" allows to increase the impact resistance and preserves the mechanism over time. Ideal for a professional maintenance, is a machine that gives the best of themselves in difficult situations. Maintainers who use it are amazed at the ability of pulverization in tall grass and moist. You can also use it in the maintenance with low cutoff frequency. The 53 cm cutting make it suitable for large areas, while securing the practicality, even in small spaces. The reinforced structure, the 3mm thickness of the cap and the cone of motor protection series also allow the operator to cut more distracted meadows rustic. The quality of the cutting system Grin combined with the components of the machine allows excellent results on lawns most cared.

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