Grow Light Engine



Grow Light Engine

We optimized spectrum of GROWLIGHTENGINE® to be excellent for plant’s growth cycle.  It works perfectly from sprouting to harvesting. Traditional HPS-luminaire isn’t as efficient as GROWLIGHTENGINE®. This is because HPS-luminaire’s spectrum has more values on the green area, which plants don’t need that much.

Optimized spectrum helps plants to grow bigger roots. This makes plants grow faster and bigger, because of the better intake of the nutrition.

Because GROWLIGHTENGINE® will produce more yields, you can get more profit from your greenhouse.

Same time GROWLIGHTENGINE® will save 25 % on energy compared to HPS luminaire. This is because GROWLIGHTENGINE® uses high-quality horticultural LED as a light source.  Also, reduced HVAC costs also add up to energy savings.

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