How to Grow Vegetables in Autumn


The biodiversity of the autumnal garden: this will be the theme of the day proposed by the Minoprio Foundation for Sunday 8 October, which will open its botanical park to the public on the occasion of autumn blooms (10 am to 5.30 pm).
During the day, two events will be held to deepen the knowledge of the oriental plants useful for realizing the autumn garden. The morning meeting (from 10.30 am) will be reserved for professional horticulturists and will be devoted to "The New Varieties of Oriental Vegetables and Cultivation Methods". To lead him, Antonio Corbari, a reference figure for organic farming. At the end of the course, participants will receive a sampling of Oriental plants in alveolo including pak choi, tatsoi, mizuna and mibuna (to participate in writing to
In the afternoon, a meeting will be held for hobbyists on the cultivation of the autumnal garden and use in the kitchen, always conducted by Antonio Corbari with Giovanni Salvan. The methods of cultivation of the various species of cultivable plants in the garden during the fall / winter period will be illustrated. It will continue with the deepening of the nutritional aspects, then end the afternoon with the visit of the garden on the field and in tunnels with oriental vegetables at the end of cultivation (also in this case can be confirmed by mail its presence).
During the open-air park day, the Foundation explains: "Visitors can enjoy a walk in the greenery and learn the secrets of gardening for the first time, autumn-winter flowerbeds with different colors and flavors, taste sweet and spicy. "
Fascinating to visit the tropical greenhouse, the varietal show of pumpkins, the autumn and shrubbery autumn park collections that expert guides will help to get to know in depth (guided tours: 11.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00). There will also be a market exhibition with tastings aimed at the valorisation of quality Lombard agri-food products, but not just Lombardy and fine artisan products.
There are inevitable spaces for children with gardening workshops.
In the greenhouse you can buy green plants, flowers, pumpkins, potatoes and production apples of the Foundation, with the possibility to have suggestions and advice of cultivation by horticultural, floricultural and fruit technicians.
"The Minoprio Foundation - the organizers conclude - is always very attentive to the novelties of the" green "world, in particular the novelties that are good for health and are educational to younger generations. A proper reflection on the evolution of human nutrition and the growing development of food intolerance has led us to pay close attention to new vegetables whose cultivation can help preserve the environment and at the same time be beneficial to our health".
On cover, Pak Choi's plants (Jeremy Keith's photo)

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