Casting open for gardening program


For the new edition of the TV program "Guerrilla gardeners", which will air in the spring of A5, they try competitors: the casting will be held within Myplant & Garden. Guerrilla Gardeners is a program that aims to promote green.
"A real contest - the organizers explain - in which two teams challenge each other with blows of 'flowers' in different guerrille or tests which aim to 'green surprises' to many different recipients. To judge the success: an expert and the recipients themselves of surprises, in addition to practical and theoretical evidence that, in some cases, become original tutorial dedicated to used products. "
Over 850 thousand people have been reached with the premiere episode, while more than 165 thousand have seen more than ten minutes.
To send your application to send an email to attaching a picture with mobile phone number and a brief description of who you are and where you talk about your "green passion." In the subject write: GUERRILLA.
The casting will take place February 22 to 24 in Myplant & Garden, as well as the headquarters of production.


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