A free guide to equipment maintenance


Briggs & Stratton greets the start of the new cutting season with a novelty: the launch of the new internet site ilmotoreconta.it, from which you can download the "Guide with the tips for your garden" free of charge. In addition to driving, the new site will be available to download the new Briggs & Stratton Service app, check out the videos and articles on the maintenance of the equipment, find the lawn care tips, the details on the range and the latest New from the company.
The ilmotoreconta.it site collects all the information and tools useful not only for users of Briggs & Stratton motorized garden machines, but also for garden and garden enthusiasts in general.
From the homepage of the website you can download the "Useful tips for your garden" guide: a printable and easy-to-read pdf with some grass cutting tips, lawn care in different seasons, new ideas for renewing the look of Garden, instructions for maintenance of the do-it-yourself equipment and practical video tutorials can be consulted by scanning the QR code.
News and Video sections also feature the company's news and seasonal recommendations on lawn care, garden and equipment, video tutorials for home-based maintenance, and all Briggs & Stratton newsletters with useful and interesting information Rubrics on home care.

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