A hanging garden and meetings on the Green in Milan


"Lost in time and place": a timeless object is the installation that Roberto Benatti, garden designer and owner of Gardens Benatti, will carry out in the courtyard of Casa Formentini, one of the most important historical and artistic complex of Brera in Milan, in ' scope of the Fuori Salone 2017.
The installation, which will be visible to the public April 4 to 9, from 10 to 21.30, was born from the idea of Benatti and home Formentini, who needed to conclude a path of recovery and restoration. So "Lost in space" was born, where visitors can experience the encounter with a hanging garden.
Not a roof garden, but a garden suspended over the visitors, who can enjoy the seat and the enchantment of a poem, in a meeting between botany and architecture.
The program also includes a number of meetings devoted to the green, including Wednesday, April 5th at 18 "The figure of the" gardens with photographer Dario Fusaro, one of the most important photographers of gardens in Italy. An exhibition of his photos will enrich the exhibition space of Casa Formentini.
Thursday, April 6, again at 18 will be the guest Maurizio Corrado, architect, essayist, writer, that deals with ecological and sustainable architecture from the nineties, and is one of the greatest Italian experts integration between architecture, design and plants.
Finally, Friday, April 7 (18 hours) the meeting "Green Roof and Gardens in the city" with Luca Hill, agricultural expert and green roof expert and mineral substrates, collaborates with various magazines and has written the book "The substrate and the land "(Edizioni Simone, 2011).

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