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The Agricultural Society Happyflor Srl operates in the public parks and private sectors, is 100% controlled by Granterre Group, a supply chain cooperative world leader in the production and marketing of Parmigiano-Reggiano. The first greenhouse production was built in the eighties by the then Cooperative Agricultural Labourers Among the Municipality of Modena, one of four municipal cooperatives that gave birth to Fertilcoop in 1986: the first floriculture activities of the cooperative was started in the greenhouse of Vigarani house located at ' inside the Garden Ducale in Modena. In 1987, the nursery division buys Happyflor name, that still characterizes. At the end of 1999 Fertilcoop is incorporated in Granterre Consortium who decides to complete the investments undertaken for the renovation of a new modern Garden of over 1000 square meters and purchase the pertinent areas to give birth to what, for services, range and quality product is considered the most important Florovivaistico center of Modena. In 2004 the Happyflor corporate identity is renewed with the introduction of a new graphic logo in tune with the dynamic and modern character of the structure. In 2005 Granterre gives this business unit into a new company thus giving life to the Agricultural Society Happyflor Srl which still develops its extensive sales and services for the green area of about 16,000 square meters, in one of the residential areas beautiful Modena.

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Emilia Romagna
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Happyflor Garden
Str. Contrada 192, Modena (MO)

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