Powerful and comfortable olive harvester for olive harvesting


With its innovations and improvements, Brumi's Zenit 36V olive harvester wants to offer a powerful and comfortable tool for olive harvesting.
Zenit 36V has a new electronic management system and “Fast block” screw tightening. The telescopic rod is in carbon fiber with anti-rotation.
The Easy handling handle makes the tool comfortable for olive harvesting work.
New electronic management system; Tropicalized electronic card; Telescopic rod with anti-rotation; "FAST BLOCK" screw tightening; "EASY HANDLING" handle; Carbon fiber shaft.
The comb mounts 36 cm reinforced carbon rods with 580 mm travel.
BRUMI shakers are designed to last as long as possible and to limit ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to a minimum. This is another reason why all BRUMI harvesting machines are guaranteed for three and five years. The best aid for increasing productivity in the harvesting phases is guaranteed. Harvesting is also guaranteed: plentiful and fast as never before.
Component of the new Backpack 36V range; the new harness with an ergonomic shape and comfortable shoulder straps allows the operator to effortlessly support the battery and power the shaker without any hindrance, even for a whole day's work.


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