Herbatech launches the new site, with the B2B shop


On the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary, Herbatech launches the new website herbatec.com which aims to represent the digital business card of Herbatech in Italy and abroad.
A new digital platform to transmit the pillars on which the Herbatech brand is based: the technical quality of the products combined with the company's values: science - solutions - results.
The most important section of herbatech.com consists of the pages dedicated to the product portfolio. In 2019 we proceeded with the graphic restyling of the sub brands (Zeotech, Biogel. Herbafer, Karydion, Amigo, etc.) and the creation of more modern and targeted payoffs.
The decision to re-launch the official Herbatech website highlights Herbatech's desire to focus increasingly on the digital world.
Inside the site you can find "Verdeprato Business", the new area dedicated to online B2B purchases. With "Verdeprato Business the greenkeepers can easily consult and download the catalog, finding technical data sheets, photos, availability, stocks and prices.
"Our greatest aspiration is to be able to involve the professionals of the professional turf and of the Golf in particular, both in a technical and emotional manner," says Giuseppe Serenelli, founder and managing director of Herbatech, "the new site herbatech.com is the digital evolution of the Herbatech world; the new challenge is to reach a catchment area in the whole world that is currently unexplored. "
The portal, available in Italian and English, will soon be available also in dedicated versions in French, German and Spanish. Parallel to the new site, the social media profiles Instagram and Facebook, managed by Elena Traverso, Content and Social Media Manager for MWD Digital, reflect the brand's new coordinated image, both graphically and in terms of content.
Edited by Marco Guarino, Art Director for SpicyBit, the graphic line chosen for the portal is linear, minimal and clean, consistent with the evolution of the brand to guarantee maximum comfort and simplicity to navigators.


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