Hexagonal stone walkways for gardens


This video presents Hexagon, the new Granular Zandobbio walkway to create an original garden floor format.
Esagono is a line of walkways for outdoor spaces with a strong aesthetic impact, ideal for creating paths and modern paths that give a distinctive feature to the garden.
They are the ideal product for architects of exterior design thanks to its numerous technical aspects, resistance, performance guaranteed by porcelain stoneware in the thickness of 20 mm combined with the beauty of the various surfaces, faithful to natural stone and wood.
An anti-slip product, easy to clean, resistant to stains, molds and thermal changes. Ease and versatility of installation are an added value to an already technically successful product.
It can be easily laid dry on grass, sand and gravel, but also on feet of various heights, ensuring a homogeneous floor, without making adjustments to the existing structure and eliminating the problems of moisture, water infiltration, passage of cables or tubes.

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