High performance professional chipper


In this video, a professional gardener tests the Peruzzo TB100 C PRO chipper, a professional drum chipper with hydraulic drive roller suitable for cutting branches up to 11 cm in diameter.
The compact dimensions of the Peruzzo chipper, 75 cm wide, make it suitable for use even in narrow areas or terraces and for loading and unloading on small vans even with the aid of ramps only.
The two blades with double cutting edge and a steel counter blade provide a long life and make the TB100 C PRO chipper perform well on both dry and wet products.
The hydraulic drive roller, managed by an electronic control unit, does not control the effort, self-regulating it based on the quantity and thickness of the material inserted. Thanks to the high-grip teeth, the chipper drags branches, twigs and cuttings easily and effortlessly.
The discharge, which can be adjusted in height and 360°, has a jet of about 3-7 meters depending on the material and allows you to easily load the wood chips even on trailers.
The chipper mounts a 23 HP twin-cylinder engine with electric start and low noise dedicated to the cutting group and a 5 HP engine for movement. The tracks are wide and robust, able to tackle even uneven terrain and to easily access the loading surface.
An interesting accessory is the solution that allows not only chipping but also the transformation of the machine into a motor-wheelbarrow with hydraulic unloading loading platform.


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