High technology grass cutter robot


The video shows all the features and strengths of Ambrogio Robot L350i Elite, the robot mower capable of managing green areas up to 7,000 square meters and working for 7 consecutive hours, maintaining its high cutting performance constant.
Programming is simple and intuitive, thanks to the touch screen display.
The standard ZCS Connect Module guarantees safety and ease of use. This new ZCS device allows you to connect and interact with your mower robot anytime, anywhere (with your smartphone or tablet).
Using the Ambrogio Remote App you can set the profiles of the working hours of your robot, verify the location (Geolocation), isolate and / or work specific areas of the garden (Go Away), monitor the status of the robot and receive alerts when it exits from the garden (Geofence alarm, an advanced anti-theft system).
Thanks to the Go Home and Work Now functions it is possible to force the return to the charging station and work in the garden.
With the Ambrogio Remote APP you can also consult the catalog, the manuals, be informed about news at Ambrogio.

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