The first 'highway' for insects


The idea of the Society of Gardening of the Norwegian capital that proposed to create through the city streets a path that had enough food, and flowers and plants, to feed bees and insects that cross. Oslo was inaugurated the first 'city motorway' for hornets, bees and companions.Tonje Waaktaar Gams, the Company's Garden, explained that sufficient food also means to overcome insects all the stress on the environment caused by human manipulation. In the city in general, there are few chances of pollination and often, experts say, the insects die of starvation; and without them you have serious damage to crops. Gams and his team have put so flower pots on the roofs and terraces of houses along a path that connects the city from east to west.Every 250 meters and bumble bees are a 'refreshment', made available after the municipality of Oslo has involved environmental organizations, animal welfare organizations and individuals to collaborate on the project. In many, driven by the spirit ecologist planted flowers in their properties along the '' highway 'Hornets. According to the Society of Gardening, although less than what is happening for example in the United States, the phenomenon of the gradual extinction of certain species of insect (six of 35) is unfortunately well-known in Norway and in other European countries.

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