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A project to enhance the heritage of historic gardens

A project to enhance the heritage of historic gardens


A wider audience showing interest in historical gardens, a destination for garden lovers, botany, architecture, but also to students and ordinary citizens looking for a nice place to relax outdoors, to play sports or a cultural visitSo Regis, the network of historic gardens has designed a project for the enhancement of the historic gardens of Lombardy, with the support of Carialo Foundation. The Management plan as an operational tool" has the intent to develop strategies for the use and promotion, also with events, the gardens, "integrating - explanatory Regis - the cultural offer linked to the use of historic gardens with ' offer and the dynamics of tourist circuits, thus bringing the gardens in local economic development processes. ""Because a historic garden continues to exist - the promoters explain - must be preserved as a living work of nature (plant component) and by man (architectural component, artistic, sculptural), preserved in its cultural meaning and in his character, even through a conscious and respectful use of its value. These sites instead often suffer from a loss of identity problem. When their management unites them to simple public green areas and is free of objectives consistent with their historical and cultural significance, it is ineffective, unsustainable and does not adhere to the intrinsic value. Instead, it is essential to promote their use, offering new functions that, in addition to being integrated with the needs of contemporary urban fabric, are compatible with the old plant, architectural and landscape ".The project is a collaboration between a network of municipalities, territorial and cultural institutions, technical and scientific, that has allowed to analyze ten important case studies in Milan, highlighting values, problems and potentialities of each place. All this has been achieved by organizing seminars, study tours, guided tours and continuing education activities, an awareness campaign addressed to the public of all ages, and training and professional development aimed at municipal technicians and operators of the sector, the main issues related green historical and its management.In the ten gardens involved it will also host the exhibit that explains the project: Garden Villa Ghirlanda Silva (Cinisello Balsamo), Garden of Villa Raimondi (Minoprio), Garden of the Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta (Lainate), Garden Villa Cusani Traversi Tittoni (Desio ), Gardens of Villa Mylius and Villa Zorn (Sesto San Giovanni), the Royal Gardens (Monza), Garden Sola Cabiati (Gorgonzola), Garden Sanatorium Regina Margherita (Legnano), Garden of Villa Confalonieri (Merate).Among the activities, to name a few, there are educational workshops cured by Minoprio Foundation experts and Agricultural School of Monza Park

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