The history of the rose, the queen of flowers


To celebrate May, the month of roses, Bakker devotes a brief historical reconstruction of this beloved flower and always in fashion, which still is the most purchased in Italy.Source of inspiration for poets, painters and artists, a symbol of love and beauty, the rose is considered the queen of flowers" to grow in the garden or on the balcony, in the world there are more than 30,000 varieties.**Traces of roses over 25 million years ago**The rose is "born" even before man: they were, in fact, fossils found in various parts of the world with traces of roses that are over 25 million years ago, even before the appearance of man on earth!**From the Egyptians to the Romans**Known since 4700 years ago in China, not only for making tea but also for its healing powers, the rose arrived in the Western world thanks to the ancient Egyptians who cultivated already in the reign of Ramses II in 1200 BCIn Ancient Rome, the time of Nero, during banquets and parties in the Domus Aurea was spread fragrance of rose petals and threw themselves on the participants.**From Charlemagne to Napoleon**In the eighth century Emperor Charlemagne ordered by an edict that the roses were planted in the gardens of the kingdom


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