The Agricultural School of Monza turns 120 years old


2022 is an important year for the Monza Park Agricultural School: it is the 120th anniversary of its foundation. Did you know that the idea came from a woman? And that at the beginning the school was located in Niguarda? Here are some curiosities and anecdotes about one of the institutions of excellence for the training of the green professions.
It was 1902 when a Milanese teacher, Aurelia Josz, had a far-sighted thought: to give space to agricultural professional training as a form of redemption for the female figure, for a better integration of women into society.
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They tell from the School: "From the first accommodation, in Niguarda, at the nineteenth-century Villa Clerici Melzi, by decision of the Municipality of Milan, we moved to the current location in the historic Cascina in the park of Monza. And this is precisely the place where the Agricultural School of Monza will be able to express all its potential, taking, as a development reference, one of the most important European models, and established, at the time, the Heverlè College of Louvain, in Belgium, equipped with school and boarding school.
Refined equipment, scientific and technological, allow, right from the start, a professionalizing training system that allows the School a gradual, but constant, development. Thanks to the successes, certified by the agricultural sector and recognized by the institutions of the time, the School developed all-round training courses up to the 1980s. Then it continues to expand the educational offer, starting more and more specialized courses, in parallel with the evolution of agriculture, opening its courses also to men.
After one hundred and twenty years of history, in the name of training quality for professionals in the green industry, we can proudly present the logo dedicated to the anniversary of this important stage in our history.
Our foundations - ethical and cultural - are solid. Together with the ideas, convictions, professional passion and enthusiasm for the training of all those who work in contact with the Agricultural School of the Monza Park, they will guarantee growth, and new successes, for many years to come ".
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