HItachi changes name and becomes Hikoki


A major change will affect Hitachi in the coming year: following major corporate reorganizations, from the fall of 2018, the new Hikoki brand will be used to distribute all the previous products marketed under the Hitachi brand.

The change is due to significant market transactions in 2017, which for Italy also include total control by Hitachi Koki (the Japanese group founded in 1948, which is part of Hitachi Fercad Power Tools Italia) of the Italian subsidiary, with the purchase of shares held by Fercad.
In January, Hitachi Ltd, the controlling shareholder of Hitachi Koki (the Japanese group founded in 1948, which is also part of Hitachi Fercad Power Tools Italy), in January, concluded an agreement with the KKR International Investment Fund for the sale of the entire held stock package.
Following the acquisition of Hitachi Koki's public offering bid on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as of late March 2017 KKR (a New York-based leveraged buyout private equity investor with a mass of managed investments at the end of June 2017, worth $ 148 billion, making it one of the largest in the world) is the controlling shareholder of Hitachi Koki.
Hitachi Koki's name in Koki Holdings, with the new brand for distribution, will be changed from next spring.
"As a result of these important changes in the corporate structure of the group, Hitachi Koki (Koki Holdings) has decided to acquire the full control of the Italian affiliate, by declaring in September 2017 49% of the shares held by Fercad spa, thus ending the joint venture that started in 2001. At the same time it was officially confirmed that Roberto Ferraretto, current president of the company, will be confirmed in his post in the coming years. "

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