Resistance and vibration: new brushcutters for professionals


High strength, vibration reduced: the new mower Hitachi CG24EBSP CG27EBSP and are meant for professionals seeking tools solid but lightweight, able to guarantee even lower fuel consumption.Both single-handle, have environmentally friendly New Pure Fire engine with S-start easy start. A practical detent pin locks the rotation of the shaft to facilitate the replacement of the head.Brushcutters CG24EBSP and CG27EBSP are designed - explains Maurizio Fiorin, OPE manager HFI - to meet demand, especially from Northern Europe, small cars and light, with low fuel consumption and emissions, yet robust and reliable for heavy work. "The CG24EBSP model has 23.9 cc and a power of 1.1 hp and weighs 5 kg

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