Hitachi: 12 months Extra guarantee



The end user of a Hitachi tool, whether a private individual or a company, can make free use of a '** extended warranty of 12 months **, simply by registering the new product into the area of our website within 15 days After this operation the customer will become a member of the professional team ** ** Hitachi "Hpt." Membership gives access to a private area where you can view all the products for which it has extended the warranty, and allows you to download and print their certificates. The extended warranty will only apply to machinery properly used and maintained. * Restrictions * The products subject to this our own commercial product, means purchased at our official dealer in Italy, our area of expertise on behalf of HKK Co., Ltd. Japan. You can not extend the warranty to: - Ni-Cd, Ni-MH or lithium ion battery with a capacity of 3 Ah - The accessories supplied with the machine (as these products are subject to normal wear and tear) - The spare parts used during routine maintenance coupons

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