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Although the origins of the company date back to 1947, when the company began Berlo in Bologna on business, the name Hobby & Wood and the current headquarters of Villanova dates back to 1980. In those thirty years of activity, the company has acquired an extraordinary experience in the fields of wood and articles for the do it yourself, and that skill set is now available to those who need to furnish, coating and finishing areas for residential or business uses. With regard to cutting and woodworking industry, has since 1992 that the machines are controlled by computer. Singular presence then in a DIY center, has remained the flagship of the department. Given the rich display, Hobbies & Wood is in effect a sales of large retailers, where you can find semi-finished and finished products of different wood types and sizes, as well as power tools, tools, adhesives, paints, etc. For some years also design center, with kitchens, sofas and other furniture, even for office, that appeal to those in search of high quality and elegant style. Thanks to Hobby & Wood, you can finally buy this furniture without sacrificing the convenience that only a home improvement store can offer. The store is also distinguished by the range of highly professional services associated with the sale, including the design, advice on the use of products, cutting boards, cutting and material processing, delivery and installation. No coincidence Hobbies & Wood counts among customers, in addition to the families and public and private entities, professionals in the furniture industry and craftsmen, who will find a reliable partner, able to offer assistance, quality and convenience.
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Emilia Romagna
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Hobby & Legno
Via Cairoli 7, Villanova di Castenaso (BO)

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