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The Company Ortoflorovivaistica Remo Di Meo (Neptune - RM), with a long experience in the production of aromatic plants and vegetable garden, will participate in the sixth edition of Orticolario, an event dedicated to gardening evolved to be held October 3 to 5 at Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO). The Company Ortoflorovivaistica Remo Di Meo, Neptune (RM), will participate in a big way to Orticolario with its own stand in Ala Lario (number 34) served as a real vegetable garden on the balcony.  The protagonists are the Vasconi cultivation Hobby Garden, thanks to which we can grow out of the ground with ease. Visitors will find many ideas and inspiration to realize scenic gardens with winter cauliflowers, lettuces, beets and cabbage, and to set the orchards in spring. Even the Aster flower star of the sixth edition of Orticolario, will be present in Vasconi Hobby Garden next to the cabbage: a curious and colorful combination of the star of the garden" and the famous ingredient of the Tuscan Ribollita. The Vascone, which can contain from six up to twelve plants, is equipped with a tank that supplies water according to the requirements and which allows to hydrate the roots as in nature, ensuring water autonomy for about a week: a major advantage for those work and do not have much time to devote to the care of the garden or comes home late in the evening. The large basin cultivation Hobby Garden you can buy Orticolario and on the website: www.dimeoremo.it.  At the booth of Remo Di Meo, also, you can find a good meal aromas, a practical basket (red outside and white inside) that contains six jars with as many aromatic plants: thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, mint and pennyroyal which can be riassortite according to the seasons. "Bon appetit flavorings" may be taken on the balcony or in a small space: on the windowsill in the kitchen, on the dining table. All of the herbs Di Meo guaranteed and certified by Global Gap brand."

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